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The Lion King: This Is How SCAR Should Have Really Looked in Lion King 2019! | Disney EDIT

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The New Lion King 2019 movie is beautiful...except the villain Scar! He looks old and weak, nothing like the sassy Scar from the Original Lion King Movie! Check out how SCAR should have REALLY looked in the new LION KING 2019!

Hi everyone :D This is the next video in the "how Disney characters should have looked like" series^^
I was so so excited when I found out Disney would make a Lion King 2019 remake and I love every Lion king trailer so far. Disney has done a great job of making each character look very real and alive, while still keeping their original charm from the classic cartoon - EXCEPT Scar :O I dont know what happened, but something definitely went wrong. He does not look like the sassy, intelligent cartoon Scar at all - even though black-maned lions actually exist in real life!
So today, I transformed the new live action Lion King Scar, so he looks right, like the real villain Scar while still fitting into the "live action" / CGI universe^___^ What do you think? And who would you like to see next in this series?
Also, are you going to watch the new lion king 2019 movie in the cinemas? I am :D together with my family^^

This Disney Edit was made entirely in Adobe Photoshop :) Please do NOT share on Instagram. This edit was made for Youtube only.

The clip of the black-maned lion belongs to National Geographic.
You can check out the clip and the article here: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/02/black-mane-ethiopian-lions-video-endangered-species/
Its filled with lots of awesome information about lions^___^


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