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Super Bowl IV - MASSIVE Restoration - CBS-TV/Film Merge - Vikings/Chiefs - 1440p

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This is a massive enhancement of the Super Bowl IV game between the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs. The game was played January 11, 1970 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. I've had it in mind to take a crack at restoring this game for a year and a half, but had never had the time, till now

The full CBS-TV broadcast exists and has been circulating for a long time. However, except for the final 6 minutes of the game, the surviving broadcast is an entirely black and white kinescope film transfer, the quality of which is very dark and muddied. The last 6 minutes and postgame are in color, but the quality is also fairly poor as well

I'd like to thank Kevin Reidy, who provided me with a DVD print of this kinescope, which ensured I was working with the highest-quality source. By adjusting contrast and gamma levels, I was able to make HUGE improvements to the print

All commercials were removed. A band of tape noise along the bottom was cropped out. Down and distance markers were added for each play

The broadcast audio had A LOT of hiss to it, and I was able to clean this up tremendously

I also collected as much Super Bowl IV NFL Films footage as I could find from 9 separate films, and I incorporated practically ALL of it into this project as well - this injected much-needed color into the broadcast. I adjusted the speed of this footage to the real-time speed of the broadcast so that it appears 'live'. I added in additional color footage to both the postgame and halftime show, in particular the 'Battle of New Orleans' segment

Last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thanks to Gary Huggins, who runs the 'Chucky Lou Memorial Film Society' Youtube channel. Gary was kind enough to grant me permission to utilize his three 'Super Bowl IV Lost Reels' videos --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5SwQztXN1Y --- that he has had posted on his channel for almost 4 years.

I have no idea where Gary got these reels, but they appear to be actual film reels shot by NFL Films cameramen that day, most of which was never used. They provided a tremendous enhancement to the project, as nearly all plays of the second half of the game were present in these reels. They also contained a lot of the halftime show footage, which I also incorporated. The reels weren't as pristine as mastered NFL Films footage, but I color-corrected and adjusted the light levels as best I could

Thanks to all the additional film I had to work with, there is probably color footage for over 75% of the game's plays now. You'll notice that I also added in incidental color footage here and there throughout

Finally, you'll get a real sense of the 'flow' of the game thanks to Hank Stram!

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