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Naik Parveen - Episode 74 | HAR PAL GEO

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Naik Parveen - Episode 74 | HAR PAL GEO

Naik Parveen is the story that depicts the double standards and a typical thought process of our society!

The story revolves around a character, which is as obnoxious in the real sense but portrays an image where nobody can doubt or question her actions. A collage going, typical, crafty girl by nature, Naik Parveen is a girl, who belongs to a middle class family, where the thought process is to get the girls married off once they reach the proverbial age of marriage. Where talking to male cousins even seem like an issue and are unacceptable. Exposing herself as nothing but innocent, Naik Parveen, brings out the true essence of an individual who maintains double standards without any remorse.
These are the kinds of girls, who have no respect of cultural norms and society, comparatively to the bold, modern, straight forward girls, who despite being open have more sense, sensitivity towards cultural norms and society yet these girls are condemned from the ‘proverbial societal standards!
Directed by: Waqar Ahmed
Written by: Sadia Akhter
Production House: Naughty Forty Productions
Character with respective cast names:
Hanif Sb: Shahzad Malik
Shakra: Parveen Akber
Parveen: Maria Wasti
Rashid: Wahaj Khan
Zahra: Asma Saif
Riaz Sb: Shahryar Zaidi
Roshanaara: Sabahat
Rudab: Fawad Jalal
Ruhab: Imran Aslam
Shagufta: Mahrukh
Sufyan Sb: Zia Gorchani
Shameen: Sarah Ali
Mishaal: Asma Siraj

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