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Last Jedi Reaches Major Milestones, Foster's Odd Comic-Book Movie Comments - The John Campea Show

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ON this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Monday, January 1st 2018) John takes the following viewer submitted topics:

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PATREON Supporter Kenneth Kolton - Hi John , I listened to how you don't mind if there are no deaths in Infinity War due to Marvel fake killing off characters. With this film being the start of the culmination of the MCU and
Thanos as the villain, don't you think stakes should be at their highest and we could see real deaths from main characters? Thanks and bring on the filthy.

Adam Affandy - Hey John!! Love your channel. My question is, what happened to the Fortunately The Milk movie by Edgar Wright??? It was supposed to star Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright to direct. Is it dead?? Thoughts?

Greg StClair - With this year having some great Oscar potential movies, do you think there is one movie that is going to sweep the award competition or is it going to be spread out through a bunch of movies?

Andrew Odette - Happy New Year! What are your thoughts on Jodie Foster's statements regarding the current state of movies. She says that movies have become like an amusement park, and that studios are trying to merely appeal to the masses. Isn't that the point? She also says some other disparaging things. What do you think?

PATREON Supporter Bernard - Greetings John and a Happy New Year to you and yours! So Star Wars: The Last Jedi just finished at #1 again. Became the 2nd fastest movie in history to make $500 million, crossed the Billion dollar mark and took the 2nd smallest 3rd weekend drop in movie history. Why are there still people calling it a bomb?

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