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Antim Paath (The Last Lesson) - Hindi Drama Short Film

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This story revolves in the future where the country is on the verge of losing its mother tongue and the second language is ready to take its place. On a sublime morning a student is late for his school. As soon he steps out of his house; he embarks on a journey which is compelling and shocking for him and his soul. Emotionally he enters on a terrain when he watches different agendas propagating on the roadside and everything is becoming quieter and disdain as he enters his school premises. On entering the premises he finds each silent step of his echoing in his own ears. Not a pin to a poster is moving! Shocked; he thinks something has happened and enters the classroom where everyone is waiting for him. What is about to unfold next becomes a question for his future.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Pallav Goel
Music / Sound: Adnan-Joel/Mohit Kachalia
Editor: Gaurav Sharma
Cinematographer: Vishal Chauhan
Actors: Sandeepan Nagar, Manuv Mehra, Abhi Chauhan, Tapasya Dasgupta, Mansi Mehta

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