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Anarchy Semi-Finals! Kalinowski/Ellison VS Reilly/Bateman - Movie Trivia Schmoedown

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On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, it’s the semifinals of the Schmoedown Tag Team Anarchy Tournament! Team Who’s the Boss? aka Mark Reilly and Team Action’s Ben Bateman take on the controversial winners from the previous round Team KO aka Mike Kalinowski and Chance “The Kid” Ellison. Reilly and Bateman have been stomping through the competition on their way to what they hope will be a tag team title shot. But first they have to take care of this Team KO team who took out on of the tournament favorites in Team Founding Fathers. They are ready to prove that their last win wasn’t a fluke and they’re looking at taking out another favorite from the tournament. They certainly have their work out for them as they take on a former two time champion in Reilly and one of the hungriest young players in the game in Bateman. Will Team KO be able to keep their nerve or will they crash out of this tournament? Will Team Who’s the Boss? fulfill their pre-tournament hype and get to the finals or will the moment be too much for them and will they go out in an upset? Can The Kid keep pulling out miracles or will The Boss close the book on him? We’ll have the answers to all of these questions and more in today’s match! This is going to be a great semifinals match that is truly up in the air. You know there will be some great and fun back and forth between these teams in this match and some great fan interaction. See which team will be left standing at the end and move on to the Finals of the competition.

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